Usher Debuts New Song With Live Performance Using Xylobands LED Wristbands at iHeartRadio Event

USHER performs Crash at the iHeartUSHER performance in New York City

LED Wristbands were featured at an iHeartRadio 'secret event' in New York where Usher performed tracks from his new album Hard II Love. The private event added live special effects by TLC, including the LED wristbands glowing light effects during the song premiere for 'Crash'

Xylobands USA LED Wristbands lit up everyone at Usher’s live debut performance of his new song ‘CRASH’ on Friday in New York City. Usher used the Southstreet Seaport’s Pier 15 for an outdoor experience like nothing else. The Live Special Effects team at TLC Creative Special Effects brought new technology LED wristbands, Xylobands; made famous by Coldplay, to create blue glowing light effects at the #iHeartUSHER ‘secret event’ with iHeartRadio.

Usher’s remarkably entertaining listening party event used the Xylobands to highlight ‘Crash’ with the blue lighting effects on the LED wristbands, creating a beautiful moment for the audience. Everyone became immersed into an experience of light they were wearing, plus spectacular views of NY harbor and the Brooklyn Bridge, and Usher’s passionate live performance, it became a one-of-a-kind moment for everyone present.

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Xylobands use live control to light up the LED wristbands (and LED Lanyards) on cue, and with bright light effects. It’s the first time the audience itself becomes a brilliant part of the show, and customized wristbands, with logos and messages all the way around the extended light-up band become keepsakes of the event.

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TLC Creative Special Effects have worked closely with Usher since the 2005 hit ‘Yeah’, creating blue laser aerial effects to showcase his dance abilities. For Usher’s debut of ‘Twisted’ on The Voice; TLC brought Xylobands to light up the audience with flashing and pulsing LED lights. TLC’s lasers, fog effects and pyrotechnics effects have added visual impact to many of Usher’s unforgettable live performances. See more LASER special effects >>>

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