New York Debut of Hypervsn 'Holographic' Technology at MoMA NY is Getting Attention With 3D Floating Imagery

La French Tech MoMA Design Store Hypervsn by Kino-Mo, Installation by TLC Creative Special Effects

A 'holographic' display featuring Hypervsn, currently at the Museum of Modern Art Design Store in New York, is getting attention with 3D imagery floating in mid-air. The installation by TLC Creative Special Effects brings together MoMA NY, Hypervsn creator Kino-Mo and TLC to showcase the 'holographic' display for 'La French Tech au MoMA', now through May 29.

New technology Hypervsn by Kino-Mo is lighting up the Museum of Modern Art Design Store in New York, grabbing attention with 3D graphics that appear to float in mid-air. The unique installation by TLC Creative Special Effects brings together MoMA, Kino-Mo and TLC Creative for the premiere display of a multi-unit Hypervsn wall in New York.

Hypervsn walls that use multiple units for large displays and for creative display shapes are engaging viewers with the "holographic" technology.

Celebrating "La French Tech au MoMA," the Hypervsn wall is displaying highlights of the technology in a custom-created installation at the MoMA Design Store in SoHo. The "holographic" display is also visible through the store windows - Hypervsn is so brilliant it is getting attention even when seen in the bright light of the outdoors.

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TLC Creative is creating Hypervsn displays at special events and exhibits, using the surprise factor of the 3D "holograms" for branding and messaging that literally "floats" in mid-air. TLC is specializing in Hypervsn displays to showcase the "holographic" effect for North American events and exhibits.

"TLC is excited to bring this innovative new blend of art and technology to MoMA in New York." says Eric Grosshans, technical sales director for TLC Creative. "Hypervsn is great at all kinds of events, and MoMA is a perfect place to experience this unique new 3D display."

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The Hypervsn display for "La French Tech au MoMA" is now on view through May 29.

MoMA Design Store, SoHo, 81 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012

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