INDY 500 Holograms Create 3D Excitement at Racing Events in Indianapolis

Matrix of Multiple Hypervsn Units Create Large Displays of Floating 3D Imagery

New technology Hypervsn is creating a buzz at INDY 500 events this weekend. The holographic displays from TLC Creative Special Effects look like holograms, but they are actually a new type of see-through LED screen, a 'holographic projection' of 3D imagery floating in mid-air. Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosts numerous events celebrating INDY 500.

3D excitement erupted with new large-scale ‘holograms’ using Hypervsn technology at INDY 500 this weekend. The floating image displays are grabbing attention with 3D graphics floating in mid-air, and creative installations by TLC Creative Special Effects.

Indy 500 is one of the world's biggest gatherings, pulling over 300,000 race fans each year. There are also many special events and parties celebrating the occasion. Danica Patrick, the Go Daddy racer, is racing her final race at this year's Indy 500. A tribute to racing is lighting up in mid-air on the Hypervsn 'holograms' at events.

People are surprised to see new technology when it is suddenly right in front of them. The 'holographic' effect is so powerful people stop to watch. They've never seen anything like Hypervsn.

Kevin Bilida, Owner/CEO Team Leader, TLC Creative

The holographic displays featured race cars and racing effects on the huge blended matrix Hypervsn 'walls' designed and installed by TLC Creative. Custom large-scale 'holograms' were integrated into large graphics for unique visual impact. Hypervsn 'holograms' have been getting attention at events around the world.

The Indy 500 gears up every Memorial Day Weekend, racers will drink the milk and kiss the bricks following 200 grueling laps. The Indy 500 kicks up the action with all kinds of parties, too. Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosts The Indy 500 Snake Pit concert, as well as other special events and private charity events.​

"People are surprised to see new technology when it is suddenly right in front of them," says Kevin Bilida, TLC Creative. "The 'holographic' effect is so powerful people stop to watch. They've never seen anything like Hypervsn."


Kevin says, "It's not a hologram; Hypervsn is a new technology LED. It's like a 'holographic projection' with high-resolution imagery floating in the air."

The 'holographic' floating video displays by TLC Creative have the rich, vibrant look of bright LED video, literally floating in mid-air. Videos and photos cannot capture the unique look of Hypervsn; it has to be seen in person to experience the 'holographic' effect.

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The 102nd Running of the Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway includes the 500 Festival; life-enriching events and programs that celebrate the spirit and legacy of the Indianapolis 500.

The Indy 500 Snake Pit concert will feature GRiZ, Diplo, Axwell Λ Ingrosso and Deadmau5.

TLC Creative provides technical production for events of all kinds. TLC creates drone entertainment, Xylobands interactive events, live special effects and other new technologies for live events.

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Source: TLC Creative Special Effects


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