Fog Screens Create Surprise Impressions of Images Floating in Mid-Air

Mist Screens Create Images That Float in Air

Event planners are using fog and water screens with projections for instant visual impact at special events. Fog screens use a fine mist to create a surface in mid-air for video and laser projections to focus on, appearing to be floating in air. Technical production teams at TLC Creative Special Effects are providing all kinds of water and fog screens for special events.

Projections on fog screens are an amazing "wow" moment when seen in a dark ride such as "Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey," but are just as exciting at eye-level when seen while approaching an entrance at a special event. Special event planners are taking advantage of high-tech, theme-park-type special effects to surprise their event guests in ever more creative ways.

Fog screens, and all kinds of water screens, are energizing the professional special event industry with creative projection effects. The team at Los Angeles-based TLC Creative Special Effects is part of a new wave of "intelligent" water displays that show images and words in the falling water itself.

Lasers, video and lighting projection effects are eye-popping as the imagery floats on the mist and fog effects. Water screens, and fog or "mist" screens, energize stage presentations and create breathtaking displays as high-tech event decor.


A special event celebrating a new water area at a zoo was perfect for TLC's creative artists to splash all kinds of water visuals that were projected onto the water screens. Guests were "immersed" in a watery theme that used water and technology for surprising visual impact.

Dancing water tubes are bringing the thrill of splashing water fountains to be placed almost anywhere. Water-themed events can combine fountains, plus fog, mist, rain and pool fountains, adding natural ambience to special events.


TLC creates water shows using multiple Dancing Water Tubes, which include water fountains and lighting, enclosed in clear tubes, and set to music mixes.

"A great undersea-themed event might include water effects or displays of water customized to the location," says TLC Production Manager Jeff Ward. "Even just the sound of water, or video projections of water, immerse people into unique 'water' experiences." 


Fog bursts and fog effects are part of TLC's most popular special effects services. TLC provides fog to many of Los Angeles' top nightclubs.

TLC Creative brings all kinds of special and LED effects, and new breakthroughs in event technology, to events and shows and is very active bringing intelligent water screens to events. The intelligent water screens feature words, designs and images in the water. TLC used the water effect for a Sony PlayStation live event, which also included fog effects, fire effects, snow and more, in the huge Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

The award-winning production team at TLC creates event experiences with live special effects, drone entertainment, Xylobands interactive events and other new technologies for live events.

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