Events Go Viral With High-Powered Streamers and Confetti From the Special Effects Experts at TLC Creative

High-Powered Streamers and Confetti Create High-Energy Moments at Stadium Event

Stadium energy was created using very high-power streamers effects for a special event held in New Orleans. Stadium streamers were launched to fill the air and cover large areas of the event. The Los Angeles-based special effects team TLC Creative Technology created the streamers show cue that included custom-imprinted streamers and high-powered streamer cannons provided by TLC.

​​​​​High-powered streamers added big impact to a special event held in New Orleans recently. The custom high-power streamer launch was created for the event by TLC Creative Technology, a Los Angeles-based special effects team that also provided other live effects for the event.

Designed and installed by the special effects experts at TLC, the event climax effect covered the large stadium event with streamers. Very high-power streamer cannons were provided by TLC for the special burst and included specialized cannons that fired the effects over 150 feet in the air.

The clients at the New Orleans events reported being particularly thrilled to hear the crowd gasp with excitement at the super-sized streamers burst.

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The special streamer finale included custom-imprinted streamers that included a company logo and a message printed on the streamers, with the message continuously printed along the lengths of the streamers. The messages and logos were printed on metallic "shiny" PVC material, with black ink printed on a mix of gold and silver streamers. TLC has created the unique custom-imprinted streamers for numerous events and the PVC streamers created for this event were very long, some up to 75 feet in length for the high-power cannons.

Making a powerful climax, streamers and confetti are a guaranteed way to create a great audience reaction - a perfect punctuation to an event finale. TLC uses creative confetti to surprise event guests, from paper "money" to leaves or snow, using custom-shaped confetti.​


Atmospheric effects, such as fog bursts, as well as snow, rain, wind, fire and more, get audiences excited and maintains a special anticipation that seems to say "anything can happen here."

Live special effects are combined into exciting event experiences at events of all sizes. TLC uses live effects like the streamers, but with fog bursts, and brilliant laser beams creating extra energy and surprise. Motivational events benefit from keeping the energy high and adding special effects is powerfully effective.

A Tony Robbins event was held in Los Angeles recently and TLC added lasers, laser beams and special effects to the motivational events. TLC has worked with Tony Robbins for years and this year's event was over-the-top in high-energy, raising the bar even higher with each outing.


TLC creates new experiences for events with new technology and re-invents classic effects, such as streamers, using the latest innovations available. The high-power streamer launches are an important way to create wide coverage of streamers in large venues and outdoor events can feature launches that fire very high, a great effect for building dedications.

The award-winning production team at TLC Creative provides event experiences with live special effects, holographic displays, advanced laser display, Xylobands LED wristbands, interactive water screens, aerial drone shows, drone racing challenges and other new technologies for live events.

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