Dancing Water Tubes Make a Splash by Going Anywhere at Special Events

Water Tubes Bring Dancing Water Fountains Indoors for Water-Themed Special Events

Enclosed water fountain effects are now available for special events. TLC Creative Special Effects offers the dancing water tubes for shows and events. TLC creates 'water shows' using multiple water tubes, which include the fountains and lighting set to music mixes. Special event planners are always looking for new effects, and the dancing water tubes are creating big impact for events.

New technology water fountains, enclosed in tubes, can now go indoors, or anywhere, bringing the splashing, dynamic energy of water shows indoors. Water-themed special events are more amazing with these self-contained tubes of splashing and pulsing water displays.

The Special Event in San Diego last month saw the debut of the new water tubes to the event industry, which is always looking for something new. TLC Creative Special Effects showcased the dancing waters for stage presentations and as high-tech event decor. TLC creates "water shows" using multiple water tubes, which include the fountains and lighting set to music mixes.

The dancing water tubes include RGB lighting in the base, illuminating the water fountain in unlimited colors and with all the dynamic excitement and artistry of water shows. The water tubes stand nine feet high, operate on standard house voltage and can be controlled via DMX lighting controllers.

TLC DANCING WATER TUBES > https://tlciscreative.com/highlights/dancing-water/

"Water fountains are a great way to make an event area or entrance special with a dynamic display of water and lighting," says TLC Production Manager Jeff Ward. "These new water tubes can go anywhere without any water leaks, so we are setting them up in surprising places and getting great reactions from guests."

TLC Creative, based in Los Angeles, brings all kinds of special and LED effects and new breakthroughs in event technology to events and shows and is very active bringing intelligent water screens to events. The intelligent water screens feature words, designs and images in the water.

TLC CREATIVE SPECIAL EFFECTS > https://tlciscreative.com/

TLC used the intelligent water screen effect for a Sony PlayStation live event, which also included fog effects, fire effects, snow and more in the huge Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

INTELLIGENT WATER SCREENS > https://tlciscreative.com/services/live-special-effects/water-effects/

The award-winning production team at TLC creates event experiences with live special effects, drone entertainment, Xylobands interactive events and other new technologies for live events.

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