Creative Holiday Events Add Special Effects for Extra Excitement

Snow in Santa Monica! Holiday Tree Events Use Snow to Create Happiness

New technology LED effects, creative laser projection, fireworks, and other special effects, are ways that event planners add energy to make thrilling Halloween experiences and holiday events. Making holiday tree events at retail malls more remarkable is more important than ever, especially as the events kick-off shopping season.

Bursts of sparks, laser-projected characters, and light-up wristbands surprise shoppers at new-style holiday tree lighting events. Retail malls in search of remarkable, special effects, contact TLC Creative for LED light shows and live effects to add spectacle to their holiday events.

TLC Creative implements new special effects technology; like Xylobands — intelligent LED wristbands made famous by Coldplay. Xylobands light up every person at events. The countdown at a tree lighting ceremony also lights up the audience's wristbands. The exciting experience of watching everyone lighting up in sync with the tree, directly connects every person to the event; something not possible before Xylobands.

Holiday events always start with snow, and for the climax of the show, bursts of streamers, or bright sparks when the tree lights up, always get great responses.

Jeff Ward, Logistics & Production Manager

Holiday events become creative places where TLC combines laser projection, Xylobands, and live special effects, such as a streamer burst at the event climax. Fog bursts, snow, streamers, pyrotechnics, and new kinds of white sparkle fountains, create surprise and put audiences in the moment.


“Other-world” lighting effects for Halloween events
make use of lasers and ultra-violet lighting. Create an eye-popping entrance effect with a tunnel
 of laser-light and swirling smoke at all kinds of events. Balloon drops
and balloon special effects are expected, but always a fun addition to New Year’s Eve events. TLC show technicians customize effects for best results in any venue, especially atmospheric effects such as fog, flames or snow.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. TLC stocks a large quantity of snow machines to create the snow illusion at outdoor events. Uplighting 'snow' looks great, creating a fun experience of 'snow'. TLC works with the City of Santa Monica for their annual ice rink, adding snow effects at special times, and adding snow effects to the Third Street Promenade holiday events.

Downtown Santa Monica Ice Rink >

"Do you wanna make a snowman?" Real snow is fun too. Sled runs and snow hills created with chipped ice are fun for children and adults at holiday events, especially in warm climates where real snow isn't part of the holiday.  

New Years Eve events love the colorful fun of balloon drops, streamers and confetti, and a well-timed display of all the effects extend the energy for as long as possible.

XYLOBANDS USA - Intelligent LED Wristbands >

Immersive LED light shows, and wireless LED tubes, glowballs, and other new LED effects are creating light shows like nothing before. Groups of colors can be programmed into Xylobands that create unlimited ways to light up the audience. Xylobands USA is North America's source for LED wristbands and LED lanyards.


LED Light Shows & Effects, Xylobands LED Wristbands, LED Lanyards

Laser Projected Animation, Streamers, Snow FX, Snow play hills, Sled runs

TLC creates video and laser projected effects, screen-drops and reveals , such as the drop-screen game opener for the Los Angeles Lakers. At E3, the gaming conference, TLC provided pyrotechnics, white sparkle fountains, fog effects, snow, and intelligent waterscreens.

VIDEO of TLC Live Special Effects at E3 >​​

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